Even though you are presently on our website, FREESON ROCK is also an actual music store!
Our specialized boutique may be found at this address :

1477 Mont-Royal Est
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
H2J 1Z1

Telephone : 514-521-5159
Fax : 514-521-3551

Our opening hours are :

Monday - 10h @ 18h
Tuesday - 10h @ 18h
Wednesday - 10h @ 18h
Thursday - 10h @ 21h
Friday - 10h @ 21h
Saturday - 10h @ 17h
Sunday - 12h @ 17h

We are specialized in metal and progressive importations but you can also find movie or musical DVDs and a large variety of used CDs in various styles.

When you will visit us, our specialists in metal and prog will answer your questions and guide you, based on your tastes, through the thousands of albums in store, so you will be able to make better choices when purchasing.

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