Catalogue Metal List Z
  Zafakon Puerto Rico War as a drug 2013 Thrash/Death
  Zafira Chile Embalmed 2003 Doom
  Za frmi Sweden Legends act 1 2002 Ambiant
  Zandelle Usa Twilight on humanity 2002 Power
    Vengeance rising 2006 Power/Heavy
    Flames of rage 2008 Power/Heavy
  Zanister Usa Fear no man 2000 Heavy
  Zaphira Switzerland Temptation (Ep) 2014 Metal/Gothic/Symph
  Zarathustra Germany Dogma antichrist 2000 Black
    Perpetual black force 2003 Black
    Contempt (Ep) 2005 Black
  Zargof Brazil Departure for the cosmic twilight (Ep) 2004 Black/Atmos
  Zaria Slovenia Sij obzorja (Ep) 2013 Folk/Symph/Metal
    Po poti zivljenja 2014 Folk/Symph/Metal
  Zarin Belarus When the time goeth mad 2014 Death
  Zavorash Sweden S/T 2003 Black
  Zealotry Usa The last witness 2016 Death
  Zeenon Norway Blood vessel criteria 2005 Death
  Zenith Denmark Evilution 2007 Death/Thrash/Core
  Zenith passage, the Usa Solipsist 2016 Death
  Zephyra Sweden Mental absolution 2014 Metalcore/Groove
  Zeraphine Germany Die macht in dir (Ep) 2003 Gothic
    Blind camera 2005 Gothic
  Zero degree Germany Surreal world 2012 Melodic death
  Zero hour Usa The towers of avarice 2001 Prog-metal
    S/T 1998 Prog-metal
    Metamorphosis (Re-edition) 2003 Prog-metal
    A fragile mind 2005 Prog-metal
    Specs of pictures burnt beyond 2006 Prog-metal
    Dark deceiver 2008 Prog-metal
  Zgard Ukraine Reclusion 2012 Black
    Contemplation 2014 Black
  Zhoda Usa Manic fantasies 2015 Prog-metal
  Zimmers hole Canada When you were shouting at the devil...we were in league with satan 2008 Thrash/Death
    Bound by fire 2009 Thrash/Death
    Legion of flames 2009 Thrash/Death
  Zion Greece Arakula 2007 Melodic black
  Zix Lebanon Tides of the final war 2016 Metal
  Zoar Usa Clouds without water 2002 Ambiant/Ethnic
  Zombie inc. Austria A dreadful decease 2011 Death
  Zonaria Sweden Infamy and the breed 2007 Melodic death
    The cancer empire 2008 Melodic death/Black
  Zonata Sweden Tunes of steel 1999 Power
    Reality 2001 Power
    Buried alive 2002 Power
  Zorn Germany Schwarz metall 2001 Black
    Menschenfeind 2003 Black
    Todesschwadron 2005 Black
  Zrymgll Argentina Mighty tavern 2013 Folk/Metal
  Zuul FX France By the cross 2004 Neo-thrash
    Live free or die 2007 Neo-thrash
  Zyklon Norway World ov worms 2001 Death/Black
    World ov worms (TIN CAN) 2003 Death/Black
    Aeon 2003 Death/Black
    Aeon (TIN CAN) 2003 Death/Black
    Disintegrate 2006 Death/Black
    The storm manifesto (3CD) 2010 Death/Black
  Zyklon-b Norway Blood must be shed (Ep) 2004 Black