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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

We also order your special requests, if available, on vinyl or CD!

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

AvatariumDecapitatedDestructionEnsiferumNova CollectiveYoko Ono


Avatarium - Hurricanes and halos (Metal)
Blind guardian - Live beyond the spheres (Metal)
Decapitated - Anticult (Bone) (Metal)
Destruction - Eternal devastation (Metal)
Ensiferum - Victory song (Metal)
Ensiferum - From afar (Metal)
Nova collective - The further side (Metal)
Onslaught - In search of sanity (Metal)
Yoko ono - Fly (Pop)

- Metal -

Blind GuardianElegiaHideous DivinitySynlakrossUnisonicWintersun


Aborted fetus - The art of violent torture (Death)
Ak bype - Sacred Chants (Folk/Metal)
Avatarium - Hurricanes and halos (DGP) (Doom)
Blind guardian - Live beyond the spheres (3CD DGP) (Power)
Elegia - Anamnesis (Metal/Symph)
Gorged bile - Origin of contempt (Death)
Hideous divinity - Adveniens (Death)
Liv moon - R.E.D. (Power/Symph)
Montgolfière - The fall (Psych/Rock)
Orpheum - Darkness and decay (Gothic/Prog)
Synlakross - Death bullets for a forajido (DGP)(Melodic death)
Unisonic - Live in wacken (CD+DVD DGP)(Power/Rock)
Where lovers rot - Autumn tears (Doom/Symph)
Wintersun - The forest seasons (Melodic death/Black)

CravingCyclocosmiaEnvinyaSvart CrownVampireWe Are The Catalyst


Batalion d'amour - Fenix (Gothic)
Celtic frost - Vanity/Nemesis (DGB) (Thrash/Death)
Craving - By the storm (Melodic death/Black)
Cyclocosmia - Deadwood (Doom/Symph)
Envinya - The harvester (Gothic/Heavy)
Epoch - Sacrosanct (Black/Death)
Hansen & friends - Thank you wacken live (CD+DVD DGP) (Power)
Kratos - Arlechino (DGP) (Gothic)
Limbonic art - Spectre abysm (Black)
Lionsoul - Welcome storm (Power)
Merrimack - Omegaphilia (DGP) (Black)
Ruptured birth - Transmutant (Death)
Svart crown - Abreaction (DGP) (Black/Death)
Vampire - With primeval force (DGP) (Death/Thrash)
We are the catalyst - Elevation (Metal/Rock)
Wizard - Fallen kings (DGP) (Power/Heavy)

Deep SunGodvladJornSecret SphereVintersorgWonder Once


Abuse - Nothing is safe (Death/Grind)
Deep sun - Race against time (Metal/Symph)
Dying fetus - Wrong one to fuck with (Death)
Godvlad - Dark streets of heaven (Gothic/Death)
Jorn - Life on death road (Power/Heavy/Rock)
Saccage - Death crust satanique (Black/Thrash)
Secret sphere - The nature of time (Power)
Vintersorg - Till fjälls del II (2CD DGP) (Viking/Folk)
Winterhymn - Blood & shadow (Folk/Metal)
Wonder once - Freedom odyssey (Metal/Symph)

AnathemaIced EarthLucid FlyOriginOvercrownThe Ferrymen


Anam'kara - Maze (Metal/Symph)
Anathema - The optimist (CD+DVDA DGB) (Melancholic rock)
Anathema - The optimist (DGP) (Melancholic rock)
Broken hope - Mutilated and assimilated (CD+DVD DGP) (Death)
Fogalord - Masters of war (Power/Symph)
Gutted alive - Consumed by carnage (Death)
Iced earth - Incorruptible (DGP) (Power/Heavy)
Insulter - Crypts of satan (Thrash/Black/Death)
Lucid fly - Building castles in air (Metal/Rock/Altern)
Municipal waste - Slime and punishment (Thrash)
Origin - Unparalleled universe (Death)
Overcrown - Higher (Power/Symph)
The A.X.E. project - Stories from a lost realm - part two (Gothic)
The ferrymen - S/T (Power)
Wrath of echoes - A fading bloodline (Doom/Death)

AskaraEnd My SorrowInfernal MajestyRhapsody Of FireSuffocationThy Shade


Askara - Horizon of hope (Gothic/Prog)
End my sorrow - Of ghostly echoes (Gothic/Doom)
Infernäl mäjesty - No god (Thrash/Death)
L'endevi - Don't go back (Gothic)
Mesrine - Source of hatred (Grind)
Ossuary anex - Mutilation through prayer (Death)
Rhapsody of fire - Legendary years (DGP) (Power/Symph)
Suffocation - Of the dark light (Death)
Thy shade - The last goodbye (Metal/Symph)
Vendetta - Go and live...stay and die (Thrash)

- Progressive Rock -

Comedy Of ErrorsPanther & CTaproban


Comedy of errors - House of the mind
Panther & C - Il giusto equilibrio
Taproban - Per aspera ad astra

GalahadIl Cerchio Medianico


Galahad - Quiet storms
Il cerchio medianico - Un'opera prop di stefani agnini

The Watch


The watch - Seven

HawkwindNad Sylvan


Hawkwind - Into the woods
Nad sylvan - The bride said no



Retrospective - Re:search