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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

We also order your special requests, if available, on vinyl or CD!

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

Brian EnoDead Can DanceMercyful FatePhil WoodsRolling StonesSigh


Battleroar - Codex epicus (Metal)
Brian eno - Ambient 1 - music for airports (Prog)
Brian eno - Ambient 4 - on land (Prog)
Brian eno - Discreet music (Prog)
Brian eno - Music for films (Prog)
Cryptopsy - The book of suffering - tome II (Metal)
Dead can dance - Dionysos (Rock)
Into eternity - The sirens (Metal)
Leviathan - A silhouette in splinters (Metal)
Merciful fate - Don't break the oath (Color) (Metal)
Merciful fate - Melissa (Color) (Metal)
Phil woods - Rights of swing (Jazz)
Psycroptic - As the kingdom drowns (Metal)
Rolling stones - Beggars banquet (50th 2LP) (Rock)
Sepultura - Above the remains (Metal)
Sigh - Heir to despair (Metal)

- Metal -

Aborted FetusAeonian SorrowEmphasisIn The WoodsOpera IXSinbreed


Aborted fetus - The ancient spirits of decay (Death)
Aeonian sorrow - Into the eternity a moment we are (Doom/Death)
Afgrund - The dystopian (Death/Grind)
Emphasis - Soul transfer (Power/Symph)
Esben and the witch - Nowhere (DGP) (Rock/Gothic)
In the woods - Cease the day (Metal/Avant-garde)
Opera IX - The gospel (Occult black)
Sinbreed - IV (DGP) (Power)
Sodom - Partisan (Thrash)



Amon amarth - The pursuit of vikings - 25 years in the eye of the storm (BR) (Death/Black)
Artillery - The face of fear (DGP) (Thrash)
Blaze bayley & Thomas zwijsen - December wind (DGP) (Folk)
Dischord - Corruption of innocence (Thrash)
Endless - Mad sick mind (Death)
Foxtale - Tales of the north (Folk/Metal)
Ladushka - Solstice (DGP) (Folk/Metal)
Lyria - Immersion (Gothic/Symph)
Suidakra - Cimbric yarns (DGP) (Melodic black/Death)

Amon AmarthGraveshadowLenoreSighThe SickeningWardruna


Amon amarth - The pursuit of vikings - 25 years in the eye of the storm (2DVD+CD DGP) (Death/Black)
Graveshadow - Ambition's price (Metal/Symph)
Lenore s. fingers - All things lost on earth (Gothic/Atmos)
Once human - Stage of evolution (Melodic death)
Rapture - Paroxysm of hatred (Death/Thrash)
Sigh - Heir to despair (Metal/Avant-garde)
The sickening - Sadistic self mutilation (Death)
Wardruna - Skald (Folk/Ambiant)

Ashes Of AresCryptopsyEinherjerLight Among ShadowsMetalwingsPsycroptic


Anaal nathrakh - A new kind of horror (Death/Black/Grind)
Ashes of ares - Well of souls (DGP) (Power/Heavy)
Cryptopsy - The book of suffering - tome II (Death)
Einherjer - Norrone spor (Black/Viking)
Evanescence - Synthesis - live (CD+BR DGP) (Gothic/Neo-metal)
Forceps - Mastering extinction (Death)
Heaving earth - Diabolic prophecies (Death)
Holter - Vlad the impaler (Power/Heavy/Symph)
Light among shadows - Under the waves (Gothic/Symph)
Metalwings - For all beyond (Metal/Symph)
Psycroptic - As the kingdom drowns (Death)

AsphodeliaBenightedCancerOpethSlaves Of SufferingTemperance


Arsis - Visitant (Melodic death/Black)
Asphodelia - Welcome apocalypse (Metal/Symph)
Benighted - Dogs always bite harder than their master (DGP) (Death)
Blood - Inferno (Grind/Death)
Cancer - Shadow gripped (Death)
Green carnation - Last day of darkness (DVD+CD) (Gothic/Atmos)
Opeth - Garden of the titans - opeth live at red rocks amphitheatre (2CD+DVD+BR DGP) (Prog-metal/Rock)
Slaves of suffering - Advent of despair (Death)
Survival Instinct - I am the night (Thrash)
Temperance - Of jupiter and moons (DGP) (Gothic/Heavy)
The ocean collective - Phanerozoic I palaeozoic (Neo-death/Core)
Vultur - Entangled in the webs of fear (Death)

- Progressive Rock -

Gosta Berlings Saga


Gösta berlings saga - Et ex

Steven Wilson


Steven wilson - Home invcasion - in concert at the royal albert hall (2DVD DGP)
Steven wilson - Home invcasion - in concert at the royal albert hall (DVD)
Steven wilson - Home invcasion - in concert at the royal albert hall (BR)

IamthemorningKing Crimson


Iamthemorning - Ocean sounds (CD+BR DGP)
King crimson - Meltdown - live in mexico (3CD+BR)

Glass HammerHawkwind


Glass hammer - Chronomonaut
Hawkwind - Road to utopia



Blackfield - Open mind - the best of blackfield