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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

We also order your special requests, if available, on vinyl or CD!

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

Alice CooperDeathZappaGrailsRobert PlantSlipknot


Alice cooper - Love it to death (Rock)
Alice cooper - Special forces (Rock)
Alice cooper - Pretties for you (Rock)
Death - Individual thought patterns (Metal)
Frank zappa - Absolutely free (Rock)
Grails - Deep politics (Prog)
Robert plant - Carry fire (Rock)
Slipknot - Day of the gusano (Metal)

- Metal -

Carnal DecayMind MazeSamaelSeven KingdomsSick FaithVandroya


Carnal decay - You owe you pay (Death)
Celtic frost - Innocence and wrath (2CD DGB) (Death/Black/Doom)
Mind maze - Resolve (Power)
Samael - Hegemony (DGP) (Black/Indus)
Seven kingdoms - Decennium (Power/Thrash)
Sick faith - A comedy called religion (Thrash)
Vandroya - Beyond the human mind (Power/Prog)

AevumBare InfinityDawn Of MorganaExcalionFading AzaleaWitherfall


Aevum - Dischronia (DGP) (Metal/Symph)
Bare infinity - The butterfly raiser (Metal/Symph)
Begging for incest - Awaiting the fist (Death)
Corprophemia - Abhorrogenesis (Death)
Dawn of morgana - Revelations (Metal/Symph)
Excalion - Dream alive (DGP) (Power/Heavy)
Fading azalea - Maze of melancholy (Metal/Symph)
Witherfall - Nocturnes and requiems (DGP) (Heavy/Power/Prog)

BelphegorCradle Of FilthElupiaLost In GreyMaggot ColonyNocturnal Rites


Aeverium - Time (Gothic)
Belphegor - Totenritual (DGP) (Black/Death)
Cradle of filth - Cryptoriana - the seductiveness of decay (DGP) (Black/Gothic)
Dying passion - Black threads (Gothic/Atmos)
Ela - Out of this world (Metal/Rock/Gothic)
Elüpia - Clock o'desert (Gothic/Symph)
Gamma ray - Land of the free (Anniversary edition) (2CD DGP) (Power)
Gamma ray - Alive '95 (Anniversary edition) (2CD DGP) (Power)
Hexx - Wrath of the reaper (Death)
Jag panzer - The deviant chord (Heavy/Power)
Lonewolf - Raised on metal (DGP) (Power/Heavy)
Lost in grey - The grey realms (Metal/Symph)
Maggot colony - Vile reincarnation (Death)
Martyrium - Destiny wore a bondage mask (Melodic black)
Nocturnal rites - Phoenix (DGP) (Power/Heavy/Rock)

Arch EnemyBeneath My SinsHydraKauanSatyriconSinheresy


Acranius - Reign of terror (Death)
Act of defiance - Old scars, new wounds (Thrash)
Arch enemy - Will to power (DGP) (Melodic death)
Beneath my sins - Valkyries of modern times (Metal/Symph)
Evil invaders - Feed me violence (Thrash)
Hydra - Solar empire (Metal/Symph)
Kauan - Kaiho (Rock/Atmos/Doom)
Mastodon - Cold dark place (Metal)
Satyricon - Deep calleth upon deep (DGP) (Neo-black)
Sinheresy - Domino (DGP) (Gothic/Symph)

Enemy Of RealityOncologyOphidian SpellSanctoriumSound StormWalk In Darkness


Cripper - Follow me: kill! (DGP) (Thrash)
Enemy of reality - Arakhne (Gothic/Symph)
For all we know - Take me home (Prog-metal)
Obsolete incarnation - Eradication of society (Death)
Oncology - Infinite regress (Death)
Ophidian spell - Nux / hêmera (Death/Gothic/Symph)
Pighead - Until all flesh decays (Death)
Sanctorium - Tessellation of the universe (Gothic/Symph)
Sound storm - Vertigo (Power/Symph)
Subterranean masquerade - Vagabond (Doom/Prog/Rock)
Walk in darkness - In the shadows of things (Gothic)

- Progressive Rock -

Arabs In AspicLunatic Soul


Arabs in aspic - Syndenes magi
Lunatic soul - Fractured (DGB)

David GilmourGentle GiantSoup


David gilmour - Live at pompeii (2CD DGB)
Gentle giant - Three piece suite (CD+BR DGP)
Soup - Remedies



Amplifier - Trippin' with dr. faustus (DGB)
Nexus - En el comienzo del topos uranus

Steven Wilson


Steven wilson - To the bone



RPWL - A new dawn (2CD DGP)
RPWL - A new dawn (BR)