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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

ComusDelainHenry CowMeliah RageOzzy OsbourneVomitory


Acid mother temple - Minstrel in the galaxy (Prog)
Comus - First utterance (Prog)
David bowie - Best of montreal 87 (Picture disc)
Delain - Apocalypse & chill (Metal)
Frank zappa & the mothers of invention - Vancouver workout vol. 1-2 (Prog)
Gong - Angel's egg (LTD edition clear vinyl remastered) (Prog)
Guru guru - Pointfingers (Prog)
Henry cow, slapp happy - In praise of learning (Prog)
John lee hooker - Anthology (Blues)
Meliah rage - Kill to survive (Metal)
Meliah rage - Solitary solutide (Metal)
OST - Judy
OST - Knife in the water
Ozzy osbourne - Ordinary man (Metal)
Rage - Reign of fear (Metal)
Vomitory - Carnage euphoria (Metal)
Vomitory - Opus mortis VIII (Metal)

- Metal -

Archon AngelDelainGone In AprilMyrathPaul DiAnnoPsychotic Waltz


Acranius - Reign of terror (Death)
Archon angel - Fallen (Heavy/Prog)
Consumed by vultures - Pseudobiblion (Death)
Delain - Apocalypse & chill (DGP) (Gothic/Symph)
Gone in april - Shards of light (Death/Gothic)
Myrath - Live in carthage (CD+DVD DGP) (Prog-metal/Ethno)
Opera IX - The gospel (Occult black)
Ozzy osbourne - Ordinary man (Rock/Metal)
Paul di'anno - Hell over waltrop - live in germany (Metal)
Psychotic waltz - The god-shaped void (DGB) (Prog-metal)

Amberian DawnElegy Of MadnessEthereal KingdomsGod DethronedSerenitySoothsayer


Amberian dawn - Looking for you (DGP) (Power/Gothic/Symph)
Annihilator - Ballistic, sadistic (DGP) (Thrash)
Antioch - Antioch III: wings and warlocks (Heavy)
Antioch - Antioch IV: Land of no kings (Heavy)
Blame zeus - Seethe (Metal/Fusion)
Control the storm - Forevermore (Power)
Elegy of madness - Invisible world (Gothic/Prog)
Ethereal kingdoms - Hollow mirror (Metal/Symph)
God dethroned - Illuminati (DGP) (Death)
Mental cruelty - Purgatorium (Death)
Putrified j - The deep end of horror (Death)
Pyogenesis - A silent soul screams loud (DGP) (Gothic/Rock/Punk)
Serenity - The last knight (DGP) (Metal/Power/Symph)
Soothsayer - Death radiation (Thrash)

Cruel FateDialithJornNorthwind WolvesTemperanceVictorius


Cruel fate - A quaternary of decrepit night mares (Death)
Dialith - Extinction six (Symph/Power)
Jorn - Heavy rock radio II - executing the classics (Power/Rock/Heavy)
Mosaic - Secret ambrosian fire (Black)
Northwind wolves - Mountains and darkness (DGP) (Black/Death/Symph)
Orphalis - The approching darkness (Death)
Placenta powerfist - Parasitic decay (Death)
Sun of the sleepless/Cavernous gate - Split (Black/Ambiant/Doom)
Temperance - Viridian (DGP) (Gothic/Heavy)
Victorius - Space ninjas from hell (Power)

AstraliumBrothers Of MetalI ApokalypseLeaves EyesMystic ProphecySaccage


Astralium - Land of eternal dreams (Symph/Power)
Brothers of metal - Emblas saga (DGP) (Heavy/Power)
Chemicide - Inequality (Thrash)
Doom's day - Baphomet (Heavy/Doom/Punk)
Elusion - Singularity (Gothic/Symph)
Horrific demise - Excruciating extermination (Death)
I, apokalypse - Destroyer of worlds (Black/Death)
Leaves's eyes - Black butterfly (Gothic/Symph)
Mystic prophecy - Metal division (DGP) (Power)
Pestilent reign - Pyres (Death)
Saccage - Khaos mortem (Black/Thrash)

Crystal EyesNightwishPaladinRepugnanceRevel In FleshSinheresy


Agalloch - The grey ep (Metal/Atmos)
Crystal eyes - Starbourne traveler (Heavy/Power)
Drain of impurity - Perdition out of the orbit (Death)
King - Coldest of cold (Melodic black/Death)
Monstrous - World under siege (Death)
Nightwish - Decades - live in buenos aires (2CD+BR DGP) (Power/Symph)
Paladin - Purification du mal (Death/Doom)
Repugnance - Shrouds of deceit (Death)
Revel in flesh - The hour of the avenger (Death)
Sinheresy - Out of connection (DGP) (Gothic/Symph)
Ton - Plague (Death)

- Progressive Rock -

Bill BrufordZappaSamurai Of Prog


Bill bruford - Double time (CD+DVD)
Frank zappa - Austin 1973
The samurai of prog - Bernard and pörsti - gulliver

EdgarFroeseMartin BarreNektarThe Worm OuroborosYes


Edgar w froese - Dalinetopia
Martin barre - Live in NY (2CD+DVD DGP)
Nektar - The other side
The worm ouroboros - Endless way from you
Yes - Fly from here - return trip (DGB)



Mystery - Live in poznan
Shamall - Schizophrenia (2CD)
V/A - The many faces of king crimson (3CD)



Solaris - Nostradamus 2.0 - returnity



Marillion - Marillion with friends from the orchestra
Riverside - Wasteland (2CD+DVD DGP)