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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

AllegaeonBig Big TrainCraftMatching MoleRolling StonesWhitesnake


Allegaeon - Apoptosis (2LP) (Metal)
Amon amarth - Berserker (Metal)
Amon tobin - Fear in a handful of dust (Electro)
Alan parsons - the secret (Prog)
Big big train - Grand tour (Prog)
Bjorn riis - A storm is coming (Prog)
Claypool/Lennon delirium - South of reality (Rock/Psych)
Craft - Fuck the universe (Metal)
Craft - Void (Metal)
Fleetwood mac - Boston vol.2 (Rock)
Fleetwood mac - Boston vol.3 (Rock)
Hermeto pascoal & grupo - No mundo dos sons (2LP) (Jazz)
Incantation - Upon the throne of apocalypse (Metal)
Jordsjo - Nattfiolen (Prog)
Kampfar - Ofidians manifest (LTD) (Metal)
Kelly finnigan - The tales people tell (Soul)
Lonely robot - Under stars (Prog)
Martin barre - Roads less travelled (Prog)
Matching mole - Matching mole (Prog)
Myrath - Shehili (Metal)
OST - Cinema italiano (OST)
OST - How to train your dragon 3 (OST)
OST - Riz Ostolani - una sull'altra (RSD 2019) (OST)
OST - Spellbound (OST)
Raccomandata ricevuta di ritorno - In rock (RSD 2019) (Prog)
Rolling stones - Honk (Rock)
Snarky puppy - Culcha vulcha (Jazz)
Supersister projekt 2019 - Retsis repus (Colored) (Prog)
Tronos - Celestial mechanics (Metal)
Van der graaf generator - Aerosol grey machine 50th anniversary boxset (2LP+2CD+1 7")(Prog)
Whitesnake - Flesh and blood (2LP) (Rock) Whitesnake - Flesh and blood (4LP) (Rock)
Witherfall - Vintage (Metal)

- Metal -

Amon AmarthAncient BardsAoniaAutumnAxenstarThe Flaying


Allegaeon - Apoptosis (Death)
Amon amarth - Berserker (Death/Black)
Ancient bards - Origine - the black crystal sword saga part 2 (Power/Symph)
Aonia - The seven (Gothic/Power/Symph)
Aoratos - Gods without name (Black)
Arch - matheos - Winter ethereal (Prog-metal)
Autumn - Staking smoke (Gothic)
Axenstar - End of all hope (Power)
Hel - Falland vörandi (DGP) (Melodic black)
Iced earth - Enter the realm (Power/Heavy)
Pancrectomy - Trick or treat (Death/Grind)
The flaying - Angry, undead (Melodic death)
Whiskey & funeral - Jesus is guilty (Black/Death)
Witherfall - Vintage (Heavy/Power/Prog)

Astral DoorsEnforcerKampfarLost In GreyMyrathSoznaniye


Astral doors - Worship or die (Heavy/Power/Rock)
Belzebubs - Pantheon of the nightside gods (DGB) (Melodic black/Death)
Discrvst - MMXVIII (Doom/Sludge)
Drudkh - A few lines in archaic ukrainian (DGP) (Black)
Enforcer - Zenith (Heavy)
Kampfar - Ofidians manifest (Black/Viking)
Lividity - To desecrate and defile (CD+DVD DGP) (Death)
Lost in grey - The waste land (Metal/Symph)
Myrath - Shehili (Prog-metal/Ethno)
Ruthless - Evil within (Power/Heavy)
Soznaniye - Pered rassvetom (Power)
Tronos - Celestial mechanics (Metal/Sludge)
Vaginal addiction - Orgy of depravity (Death)

Beast In BlackConstruct Of LetheKalidiaLast UnionLunae OrtusManegarm


Beast in black - From hell with love (Heavy/Power)
Black therapy - Echoes of dying memories (Melodic death)
Construct of lethe - Exiler (Death)
Hellish god - The evil emanations (Death)
Kalidia - The frozen throne (Gothic/Power)
Last union - Twelve (Prog-metal)
Lunae ortus - White-night-wropt (Black/Symph)
Manegarm - Fornaldarsagor (DGP) (Black/Viking)
Steel prophet - The god machine (DGP) (Power/Heavy)



Amortem - Mechanica (Power/Prog)
Carnifloor - Process of Disorderly Conduct (Death)
Cognitive - Matricide (Death)
Continuum - Designed obsolescence (Death)
Corpsefucking art - Splatterphobia (Death)
Dysmorphic - An illusive progress (Death)
Jordan rudess - Wired for madness (Virtuoso/Keyboards)
Mayan - Dhyana (Death/Symph)
Myrkgand - Old mystical tales (Death/Folk)
Tank - Re-ignition (Metal)

Eternal DreamEternity's EndFor I Am KingIron FirePeripheryWrath Of Echoes


Eternal dream - Daementia (Power/Gothic/Symph)
Eternity's end - Unyielding (Power/Prog)
For i am king - I (Death/Core)
Iron fire - Beyond the void (Power)
Periphery - IV: hail stan (Metal)
Shuriken torture - Cadaveric defilement of depravity (Death)
Spectral - Neural correlates of hate (Death/Prog)
Wrath of echoes - Progeny of the fallen one (Doom/Death)

- Progressive Rock -

CosmografGongLonely Robot


Cosmograf - Mind over depth
Gong - The universe also collapses
Lonely Robot - Under stars (DGP)

Bjorn RiisSamurai Of Prog


Bjorn riis - A storm is coming
The samurai of prog - Toki no kaze

Alan Parsons


Alan parsons - The secret (CD+DVD DGP)

La BatteriaNorth Atlantic Oscillation


La batteria - II
North atlantic oscillation - Grind show

Caravela EscarlateGiancarlo ErraMostly Autumn


Caravela escarlate - S/T
Giancarlo erra - Ends
Mostly autumn - White rainbow