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Great selection of rock, progressive rock and metal vinyls at unbeatable prices in store!
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SemiramisLocanda Della FateGongTangerine DreamLe OrmeMarillionAmon DuulKing CrimsonPorcupine Tree
Angel WitchBathoryBehemothHiraxIron AngelLiving DeathManilla RoadSatanTherion

We also order your special requests, if available, on vinyl or CD!

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***VERY IMORTANT : Please take note that the prices on the website are no longer valid. Also, the website DOES NOT REFLECT the state of our stocks.
Many items are discontinued. Just contact us for more informations.

Concerts :

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New titles :

- Vinyl -

Arch EnemyBrian EnoImmortalMyrkurNeil YoungRunning Wild


Arch enemy - Will to power (Metal)
Brian eno - Another green world (Prog)
Destruction - Thrash anthems (Metal)
Ensiferum - Two paths (Metal)
Immortal - Pure holocaust (Metal)
Incantation - Profane nexus (Metal)
Myrkur - Mareridt (Metal)
Neil young - Comes a time (Rock)
Neil young - Rust never sleeps (Rock)
Omnium gatherum - Redshift (Metal)
Running wild - Under jolly roger (Metal)
Thy art is murder - Dear desolation (Metal)

- Metal -

EagleheartEnsiferumEpicaIgneaTrees Of EternityUnleash The Archers


Aborym - Shifting.negative (DGP) (Black/Electro)
Aftertime - World we've lost (Metal/Symph)
Boyanov gimn - Winter dreams (Folk/Metal)
Crematory - Live insurrection (CD+DVD DGP) (Gothic/Doom/Death)
Day of doom - The second coming (Death)
Decrepit birth - Axis mundi (DGP) (Death)
Eagleheart - Reverse (DGP) (Power)
Ensiferum - Two paths (Melodic black/Folk)
Epica - The solace system (Gothic/Atmos/Symph)
Ignea - The sign of faith (Metal/Symph/Ethnic)
Jack starr's burning starr - Stand your ground (Metal)
Masquerade - Soul deception (Death/Thrash)
Myrkur - Mareridt (DGP) (Black/Atmos)
Ormyst - Arcane dreams (Prog-metal/Symph)
Pigsty - Planet of the pigs 2.01 (Death/Grind)
Silvis vetus - Wonderland pit (Power/Gothic/Symph)
Trees of eternity - Hour of the nightingale (Doom/Atmos)
Unleash the archers - Apex (Melodic death/Power)

AnthologyDesultoryLiv SinScannerSerious BlackThe Haunted


A clockwork opera - Act 1 (Metal/Symph)
Anthology - Angel's revenge (Power/Gothic/Symph)
Big end bolt - Killstruments & deathods (Death)
Brain spasm - Toxic monstrosities (Death/Grind)
Desultory - Through aching aeons (Melodic death)
Dirkschneider - Live - back to the roots - accepted! (2CD+BR DGP) (Metal)
Draupnir - Taruja (Folk/Metal)
Liv sin - Follow me (Metal)
Portrait - Burn the world (Heavy)
Scanner - The galactos tapes (2CD DGP) (Heavy/Power)
Serious black - Magic (2CD DGP) (Power)
Solarus - Reunion (Power)
The haunted - Strength in numbers (DGP) (Death/Thrash)
Vykhor - The path through the ages (Folk/Viking)

As Night FallsEverealIncantationLeprousParadise LostSeptic Flesh


As night falls - Embrace the journey (Power/Symph)
Cancerous womb - It came to this (Death/Grind)
Demonseed - Anatomy of atrocity (Death)
E-an-na - Jiana (Folk/Metal)
Evereal - S/T (Metal/Symph)
Incantation - Profane nexus (Death)
Kevlar skin - Transmigrator (Death/Grind)
Leprous - Malina (Prog-metal)
Paradise lost - Medusa (DGP) (Gothic/Rock/Doom)
Septic flesh - Codex omega (2CD DGP) (Esoteric death/Symph)
Synergy protocol - Odd to get even (Prog-metal)
Tau cross - Pillar of fire (Metal/Punk/Rock)
Tears of tragedy - Statice (Power)

EluveitieLacertaMindaheadSvartsynThe LustWedingoth


Attic - Sanctimonious (Metal)
Blaze of sorrow - Astri (Black/Folk/Atmos)
Decrepit birth - Axis mundi (LTD) (Death)
Eluveitie - Evocation II - pantheon (Folk/Celtic)
Human vivisection - The perpetual gap (Death)
Lacerta - S/T (Death)
Mindahead - Reflections (Prog-metal)
Quiet riot - Road rage (Metal/Rock)
Svartsyn - In death (Black)
The lust - Black dahlia poem (Gothic/Atmos)
VA - Symphonic & opera metal vol.3 (2CD) (Metal/Symph)
Wedingoth - Alone in the crowd (Gothic/Prog)

AkomaDesecrate The FaithFortalezaSede VacanteTezauraVEgo


Akoma - Revangels (Gothic/Symph)
Desecrate the faith - Unholy infestation (Death)
Fortaleza - Crónicas de la villa rica (CD+DVD) (Gothic/Power)
Sede vacante - Skies infernal (Gothic/Metal/Rock)
Tezaura - Heartcore (Gothic)
V-ego - Dictatorship of desires (Gothic/Doom)

- Progressive Rock -



Amplifier - Trippin' with dr. faustus (DGB)
Nexus - En el comienzo del topos uranus

Steven Wilson


Steven wilson - To the bone



RPWL - A new dawn (2CD DGP)
RPWL - A new dawn (BR)

Comedy Of ErrorsPanther & CTaproban


Comedy of errors - House of the mind
Panther & C - Il giusto equilibrio
Taproban - Per aspera ad astra

GalahadIl Cerchio Medianico


Galahad - Quiet storms
Il cerchio medianico - Un'opera prop di stefani agnini